The team at Resort Management Sales have all been actively involved within the industry for many years and have specialist knowledge based on hands on experience.

Adam, our recent addition to the RMS team, first heard about Management Rights after his mum holidayed on the Sunshine Coast at Marcoola.

Now 35, Adam moved to the Coast with his wife and family from London in 2012 and bought into a 65-unit permanent complex at Alexandra Headland. 

He also ran a café in Noosa for three years and spent a year working in strata management before starting his career selling Management Rights.

A keen surfer and martial artist, his world of sun, surf and sales is far different to his job managing high-end night clubs and VIP champagne bars in chilly London. 

With the Sunshine Coast boasting some of the best surf beaches anywhere in the world, Adam is riding a wave of success in his new home.

He was first attracted to the business of Management Rights as an owner because it is such a great business model and such a secure investment that banks are willing to lend a large proportion of the sales price.

He says the upside of management rights – the flexibility of work, the high rate of returns, the financial security, and the lifestyle in some awesome locations – far outweighs almost any other business.